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You are not here by accident. There is something for you... a word, an image, a revelation, an encouragement. Be open to receive as you explore the world of pure imagination, where out-of-the-box meets wild kingdom, where angels roam, and creatures great and small speak mysteries and truth. Enter the playground of artist DJ Hejtmanek... Mixed media and oil paintings, Giclee art prints, and words to live by await you here.



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"It's amazing how there's always more in God! As a latecomer to the joy of painting, I'm fascinated by the brush's power to convey truth, wonder, and delight. I want everyone to discover their 'more.' " - DJ Hejtmanek

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On Mining Creative Gold: An Adventure to Our True Selves

How many times have I wondered since 2020 how I couldn’t have known I was an artist?! It feels like such a perfect fit. Are you who God truly designed you to be yet? Dig deeper and ponder this…