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Candy Clouds

Candy Clouds

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"Candy Clouds" by DJ Hejtmanek is an original mixed media abstract prophetic painting on 36 x 36-inch and 1.5-inch-deep gallery-wrapped canvas. 

Someone asked me to tell them about this painting. Honestly, I have no words. I can’t even explain the title it evoked— “Candy Clouds.” I wrote a poem to go with it, but I felt it more than wordsmithed it. It expressed my heart and I hope it touches yours.

Wrap around me the colors of deep, of wide, of high. Reverberate and recalibrate the laughter and the tears permeating my heart. Expand my tent of dwelling to touch your glory with stakes of holy memory. Sing over me in angelic ripples cleansing time, space, and generations. Fill my candy clouds with splashes of wonder flowing from your throne. —DJ Hejtmanek


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